The Idea

TPM will be off-grid, self-sufficient, and will create workspaces for all community members who wish to work. All will be financially insured, will have free health, dentistry and education. The community businesses listed in the economic spreadsheet are semi-private. Semi-private means that any investor will receive a specific percentage of profits. Investment doesn't necessarily mean money either. There will be founding members whose essential work the community creates. They will be exchanging their work, knowledge and time in exchange for %. However, all % will be "capped". The actual maximum amount to be paid annually is an amount not yet determined. It will be generous but certainly not rich. All excess money will go into a fund. The fund will be used to expand TPM or renovations, education mainly for children graduating from school but also for any adult and projects Sociologists argue that 500 is the maximum limit that a community must have before it needs to start forming a formal government with a paid government. They claim that within a limited population, you will know everyone and will be able to make confident decisions through this knowledge. Therefore, sooner or later we will be branching out. Some members of the original community will eventually want to spread their wings. I always say "go ahead". The community provides all workers with a base salary, one month of paid vacation each year, 14 months of pay / year (Christmas bonus and holidays for which I personally do not celebrate any holiday) and a fully furnished house for them, their spouse and max. 2 children, all of whom have full use and benefits of everything in the community also without payment. It is possible to live in the community without working for it. In this cas e, a reasonable monthly payment will be made. You can build your house according to your personal tastes. It will have to be approved as we could imagine that someone might want to build something that the community as a whole might find objectionable, particularly how it would fit in with nature or where they might want to place it. This prototype can be used for other communities, in other countries, climatic zones and geographic regions. We could support the construction of such communities with funds. There is no place where you cannot be self-sufficient and create a strong and prosperous economy. In America, there are thousands of homeless people. If they were willing to work, they could create villages using deserted cities and adapting as needed. Bill Gates stated that he was building apartments for poorer people that were priced at 45,000 usd. An average school in the United States costs 55,000 usd per student. We will create TPM with approximately 1,000 usd of capital per person. They not only get a fully furnished house, but also a health and dental center, an excellent multilingual Montessori school for the children, full board for all family members and a paying job. We also foresee more disturbances in the form of social, health and economic crises, whether real or not, we want to t prepared to live as we want and not be dominated by mandatory restrictions, but at least have within our space, the possibility of self-isolation with a creative, balanced and stimulating.