For protection against unwanted human and non-human invaders, we will plant a bamboo and chai barrier. Both are also protective plants against physical and non-physical intrusions. The Ecolibrium compound will consist of a central multifunctional building, agroforestry gardens, a wood workshop, bio constructed accommodations, fishponds, hydroelectric plants, and greenhouses.six fully equipped two-story three-bedroom houses, a laundry room where all laundry will be washed for villagers and dieters, storage and workshops, large central and dining house where all workers and villagers can join together for meals except on Sundays. We have split the building of the whole compound into a step by step plan, in order to reduce risks and to be able to start generating income during the initial stages of the project, by planning in a way so that each part of the project we build, will help finance and build the stage that follows. In the following text, we have detailed what we will focus on the building during the initial phase and a brief description of the intended function of each subproject.