The Idea

TPM - The Perinneal Meadows is a future community, not only in the sense that it has yet to be built, but is being built as a prototype for future community life. It will demonstrate how with relatively little money, a community for five hundred people can be built. All members will be incorporated, that is, part owners. TPM will be off-grid, self-sufficient, and will create workspaces for all community members who wish to work.

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Is located on 350 hk, 17 km outside of Contamana, Peru. It has hot-water streams with healing properties, water-tivia, cold water currents and waterfalls. The surrounding nature is a jungle with an abundance of wildlife, such as various types of wild cats similar to luchs and tigers, crocodiles up to 6 m, snakes of all types and sizes that are poisonous and non-poisonous, turtles, al less 4 different kinds of monkeys, lots of insects, butterfly birds including the biggest one called Blue Morpho, mosquitoes and other small game.

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Why that far?

We are off the beaten path. Here you can relax in pure nature not being bothered by your everyday trot and tune out all invading social media, cell phones, accessibility. You can sink into an oasis which is non touristic and concentrate on your inner feelings, thoughts and needs. Reflect undisturbed in the quietness of a jungle which is alive with natural noises, there is no city smog, no energetic distractions , no electronic intrusion s yet comfort It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to profoundly reimagine and reshape. You can choose to step through that opening or not.