Agriculture: Livestock, planting, nature medicine, gardening Physical Activities: sports, martial arts. Household: economics, cooking, sewing, small repairs The children will sleep in mixed age group houses and be responsible for their garden and livestock area as a teaching process but not as main food supply,  On the weekends, they will be responsible for cooking their own meals or could conceivably be integrated into the community families. In grade nine, all children will be sent abroad in an exchange program. They will complete their formal 12 years within 11 years. The final year, they will build a tambo and diet alone in the jungle area. We assume that throughout school, students will be highly motivated, creative, and thinking adults. Both they and anyone who lives in the community have the right to request funds for a project. All projects need a solid business plan. However, it does not mean that all projects are geared towards making money. A student may be a talented artist or want to do research in a field that is not lucrative but beneficial. The school children will vote on the projects that their peers or graduates can receive. They will know which students will go out of their way to create their project or which ones are simply looking for a padded positio. This may include studying abroad, participating in seminars, or bringing in a private teacher.