In Phase Three we are Open to Hagiographie More healers come and join is in order to be able to offer a broad diversified and high qualified team who can work together. We will be building a small medical and dental clinic, a medicine house for preparing natural medicines, a massage house and sauna. We will have at least three trained M.D.s, a dentist, and professionally trained people working with TPM, TCM, Rainbow Reiki, Ayurveda and Massage Therapy. There will be no charge for these services for full fledged members, boarding school students and dieters.


Phase Three The area itself is inviting enough to keep all occupied for months if not years of simple walks, explorations, bird and animal watching. We also border on the national park which encompasses 45,000 hk of protected primeval jungle for those who would want a more rugged hike.

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Phase Three On the weekends, the meals can be cooked together at several outdoor grill / fireplaces / pizza ovens which are scattered around the property.


Workers are paid standard Peruvian salaries of 800 PEN / month plus one months paid holiday and two month bonuses ( Christmas and holiday month). Their spouses and two children can also live and participate in all benefits such as medical, dental, needed massages, school, laundry service and cantina food.

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