Phase One will be creating enough farming area to produce sufficient fruits, vegetables, oats and corn for the entire community, boarding school, clients, dieters and visitors. Before we reach full capacity production, a part of this will be outsourced.


Phase One we will have 26 pigs producing offspring twice a year. All pigs will be sold to China at a fix price. We will also have 100 laying chickens where the hatched eggs where the females be sold as chicks and the mails as rooster. This will create a solid economical base and finance Phases 2- 4.


Phase Two will be the building of a 12 year international multi- lingual Montessori boarding School. Each class will accept max 10 boarders. Each class will have 2 teachers: a native Spanish speaker and a native German one. English will also be taught. We have high ambitions with the school foreseeing that should the graduates want to, they will be capable of being accepted into any college / university/ apprenticeships world wide