Prices for motorcaro are per motorcaro and not person. There are no usage of  credit cards in Contamana.  There is one bank and one ATM machine but sometimes they run out of money or the machines are not working. All of the machines stop working at 20h. Euros cannot be exchanged in Contamana. Peru is poor. Not all people are literate. They do not like speaking to foreigners with an accent. Women are overseen. There are a lot of male homosexuals. We have never seen any lesbians. Careful however as they have the highest aides rate per capita world wide. Young children ( male as well as female) will offer their sexual services.  You might not pick up on this at first in particular if you are a 65 year old female and it is a 12 year old boy. Contamana is relatively safe, no pick pockets, no gringo prices. If you leave something and return two minutes later it will be gone Always take toilet paper with you and throw it in the bins and not the toilet. Drink bottled water.