Skyscanner.net, Starperu.com, skyairlines.com , Checkfelix.com, redbus.com Unless using Latam airlines, it is probably cheaper to book to Lima and then separate from Lima to Pucallpa.

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All arrival times need to be pre-registered. From Lima to Pucallpa, you can fly with Starperu.com, skyairlines.com or latam.com . You can also take a bus which is listed as one of the most scenic bus tours in South America for about 250 PEN. From Pucallpa, there is a daily speed boat which leaves at 7am from the main harbour and arrives at approximately 1 pm. Price is between 70- 90 PEN Flights leave on an irregular basis and can be booked directly at the airport in Pucallpa. The flight time is approximately 25 minutes and 200 PEN Cargo boats leave most days in the late afternoon from Pucallpa. They take anywhere from 12- 24 hours and cost 35 PEN.

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We have Caucasian grizzley dogs that are friendly. They will jump on you to greet you as they are very playful but harmless. We are dog friendly, which means you are more than welcome to bring your furry friend with you. Just be aware that there is a lot of wildlife and games so you may want to leash for protection. Our dogs are large and trained. However, we lost a small one without training to the crocodiles.

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lightweight clothes comfortable clothes for ceremonies a cosy blanket toothbrush flashlight


The followings items are difficult / not possible to purchase here. We are prepared to financially reimburse you for them providing we are notified in advance ( we might already have an abundance of one of the perishable items) Bic lighters solar lamp The best bottle of purifying water is the grail water bottle available in r.e.i. or amazon cheese olive oil coconut oil basilica vinegar toothbrushes can be bought here, but they are expensive and of very poor quality. small sewing kit a sharp little hunting knife is always needed when walking rain gear White mist smokey rose fragrant can be purchased at the body shop. Whatever old clothes you want to get rid of, the locals are happy to get something. In particular rain gear for children. Any tool you don't need. Any instrument that you have and are not particularly using such as chimes, rattles, drums, or self-made. Only bio- degradable soaps / toothpaste. A charging device for your gadgets. We have limited internet: for emergency only. Fitted Sheets and devotes (Bettbezug) used or unused are always appreciated. AND DON'T FORGET TO BRING A SMILE ON YOUR FACE PS Our Puppies love treats


drugs, alcohol, television, tobacco excluding mapacho, non-acoustical music. Enjoy the noise of the jungle. Electronics, phones and books for reading are prohibited for all Retreat Participants, Dieter and Visitors.