Community members families can design their own houses which will then be built by the paid craftsmen. All houses will be furnished in a comfortable manner, have a toilet, shower and small kitchen.

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will live in the Comfy House in spacious single rooms with a queen size bed, table, closet and a large spacious living area, dining area and kitchen where the food will be prepared for them. It will have a large shaded “ sun" porch which is locatedon the cold water stream swimming hole. Nearby is also a volleyball court and Maloke or Ceremony House and cultivated gardens.


(1-3) months will stay in simple fully screened treehouse tombas located upstream from the cold water swimming hole which are more modestly furnished and separated enough to insure privacy from their neighbours. Under their tombas will be a natural toilet, bathing will be in the stream. All meals will be brought to them directly to their tomba.


will live in very modest tombas located near the shamans house, participating in ceremonies in the shamans house which is conveniently located nearby. Their area is a strict silent area and closed off to villagers, guests, clients, students. They also eat all meals in their tomba and have an available stream located nearby for washing. Each tomba also has a separate natural toilet.


There will be a laundry house where all laundry will be taken care of for members and dieters. Beginning in Phase Two, it will be a paid position.


Food for members will be prepared in central kitchen offering vegetarian as well as non- vegetarian food. The majority of food will be organically produced in our orchards, farms, fish ponds and gardens.

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