The Perinneal Meadows

A Futuristic Community

The Idea

TPM - The Perinneal Meadows is a future community, not only in the sense that it has yet to be built, but is being built as a prototype for future community life. It will demonstrate how with relatively little money, a community for five hundred people can be built. All members will be incorporated, that is, part owners. TPM will be off-grid, self-sufficient, and will create workspaces for all community members who wish to work.

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Is located on 350 hk, 17 km outside of Contamana, Peru. It has hot-water streams with healing properties, water-tivia, cold water currents and waterfalls. The surrounding nature is a jungle with an abundance of wildlife, such as various types of wild cats similar to luchs and tigers, crocodiles up to 6 m, snakes of all types and sizes that are poisonous and non-poisonous, turtles, al less 4 different kinds of monkeys, lots of insects, butterfly birds including the biggest one called Blue Morpho, mosquitoes and other small game.

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Why that far?

We are off the beaten path. Here you can relax in pure nature not being bothered by your everyday trot and tune out all invading social media, cell phones, accessibility. You can sink into an oasis which is non touristic and concentrate on your inner feelings, thoughts and needs. Reflect undisturbed in the quietness of a jungle which is alive with natural noises, there is no city smog, no energetic distractions , no electronic intrusion s yet comfort It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to profoundly reimagine and reshape. You can choose to step through that opening or not.


Phase One: We will be creating enough farming area to produce sufficient fruits, vegetables, oats and corn for the entire community, boarding school, clients, dieters and visitors. Before we reach full capacity production, a part of this will be outsourced.


Phase One: We will have 100 laying hens. The hatched female chickens are sold as chicks and the males as roosters. We will also have 26 pigs producing offspring twice a year. The pigs are to be sold to China at a fixed price. This creates a solid economic base and finances phases 2 to 4.


Phase Two will be the building of a 12 year international multi- lingual Montessori boarding School. Each class will accept max 10 boarders. Each class will have 2 teachers: a native Spanish speaker and a native German one. English will also be taught. We have high ambitions with the school foreseeing that should the graduates want to, they will be capable of being accepted into any college / university/ apprenticeships world wide

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In Phase Three we are Open to Hagiographie More healers come and join is in order to be able to offer a broad diversified and high qualified team who can work together. We will be building a small medical and dental clinic, a medicine house for preparing natural medicines, a massage house and sauna. We will have at least three trained M.D.s, a dentist, and professionally trained people working with TPM, TCM, Rainbow Reiki, Ayurveda and Massage Therapy. There will be no charge for these services for full fledged members, boarding school students and dieters.


Phase Three The area itself is inviting enough to keep all occupied for months if not years of simple walks, explorations, bird and animal watching. We also border on the national park which encompasses 45,000 hk of protected primeval jungle for those who would want a more rugged hike.

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Phase Three On the weekends, the meals can be cooked together at several outdoor grill / fireplaces / pizza ovens which are scattered around the property.


Workers are paid standard Peruvian salaries of 800 PEN / month plus one months paid holiday and two month bonuses ( Christmas and holiday month). Their spouses and two children can also live and participate in all benefits such as medical, dental, needed massages, school, laundry service and cantina food.

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Phase Four As we plan on creating a large amount of money, this will give those who want to branch out and become financially independent to do so. If they want to make billions, they should. Any business created through the funds will be required to repay the loan, which will include a normal interest rate plus a 5% annual profit share once they reach a not yet determined amount not yet. All projects however will not be oriented at economic growth. They can also be in research, art, or projects which in general can be deemed as beneficial.

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Biogas is formed by the anaerobic decomposition of putrescible organic material. Biogas can either be used to generate electricity and heat via a combined heat and power gas engine, or can be cleaned to produce pure biomethane via biogas upgrading.

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Retreats 11 Days

On the first Monday of each month, begins a 10 day cleansing retreat. Arrival is from 10 h til 14h at the village centre in TPM. After settling into your rooms and a possible light refreshment of local fruits, juice or tea, we will take a short walk around the cultivated part of TPM which will be followed by a first cleansing with “aje".Evening activity, Yoga and guided meditation.

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Pre-requisite: Retreat or previous experience with ayahuasca/ plant diets. Short term diets are from one to three months and can begun on the first day of each month except December where we offer no diets. All food preparation is salt, sugar and spice free. No substances, soaps, lotions, oils, toothpaste, perfume with the exception of organic ones during ceremonies. Clothes will be laundered but soap free. All meals are in the seclusion of your tomba. There is a strict no talking, touching, reading, electronics rules. Short walks are allowed During week one, there will be intensive use of oje, plant and steam baths. Preparation of personal ayahuasca which will be cooked to include your diet plant. Picking and preparation of your diet plant and four ceremonies. In the following weeks, participation in two ceremonies per week are possible but not mandatory. Except for the final closing of the diet ceremony. A begun diet cannot be prolonged yet it can be closed earlier providing it is done within the framework of a ceremony. Price 1800 € / month Max 11 dieters capacity.

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Pre- requisite: three month diet Duration: 6 months to five years These are in an isolated part of the property and for people who plan to work as a plant healer or ayahuascero. All food preparation is salt, sugar and spice free. No substances, soaps, lotions, oils, toothpaste, perfume with the exception of organic ones during ceremonies. Clothes will be laundered but soap free. All meals are in the seclusion of your tomba. There is a strict no talking, touching, reading, electronics rules. Short walks are allowed. Price: as our interest is to teach and train people in a traditional manner in order to insure a continuation of qualified healers, there will be no payment for these diets.


Community members families can design their own houses which will then be built by the paid craftsmen. All houses will be furnished in a comfortable manner, have a toilet, shower and small kitchen.

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will live in the Comfy House in spacious single rooms with a queen size bed, table, closet and a large spacious living area, dining area and kitchen where the food will be prepared for them. It will have a large shaded “ sun" porch which is locatedon the cold water stream swimming hole. Nearby is also a volleyball court and Maloke or Ceremony House and cultivated gardens.


(1-3) months will stay in simple fully screened treehouse tombas located upstream from the cold water swimming hole which are more modestly furnished and separated enough to insure privacy from their neighbours. Under their tombas will be a natural toilet, bathing will be in the stream. All meals will be brought to them directly to their tomba.


will live in very modest tombas located near the shamans house, participating in ceremonies in the shamans house which is conveniently located nearby. Their area is a strict silent area and closed off to villagers, guests, clients, students. They also eat all meals in their tomba and have an available stream located nearby for washing. Each tomba also has a separate natural toilet.


There will be a laundry house where all laundry will be taken care of for members and dieters. Beginning in Phase Two, it will be a paid position.


Food for members will be prepared in central kitchen offering vegetarian as well as non- vegetarian food. The majority of food will be organically produced in our orchards, farms, fish ponds and gardens.

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The property is closed to visitors during retreat dates on the first 11 days of each month and the entire month of December. There is a minimal stay of two nights in the Comfy House. All meals will be served in the dining area. After a guided tour of the community, they are welcome to roam around excluding the areas designated for dieters and school. Visitors staying longer than two nights will eat their evening meal with the community. Price: 125 € / night and includes all meals


Some behaviors and responsibilities we expect from volunteers include: – Keep your room clean and organized – Participate in cleaning the volunteers’ house – Participation in meal preparation on – Have motivation, disposition and initiative – Be punctual and respect schedules – Respect all members of the community

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TIDBITS,, ,, Unless using Latam airlines, it is probably cheaper to book to Lima and then separate from Lima to Pucallpa.

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All arrival times need to be pre-registered. From Lima to Pucallpa, you can fly with, or . You can also take a bus which is listed as one of the most scenic bus tours in South America for about 250 PEN. From Pucallpa, there is a daily speed boat which leaves at 7am from the main harbour and arrives at approximately 1 pm. Price is between 70- 90 PEN Flights leave on an irregular basis and can be booked directly at the airport in Pucallpa. The flight time is approximately 25 minutes and 200 PEN Cargo boats leave most days in the late afternoon from Pucallpa. They take anywhere from 12- 24 hours and cost 35 PEN.

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We have Caucasian grizzley dogs that are friendly. They will jump on you to greet you as they are very playful but harmless. We are dog friendly, which means you are more than welcome to bring your furry friend with you. Just be aware that there is a lot of wildlife and games so you may want to leash for protection. Our dogs are large and trained. However, we lost a small one without training to the crocodiles.

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lightweight clothes comfortable clothes for ceremonies a cosy blanket toothbrush flashlight


The followings items are difficult / not possible to purchase here. We are prepared to financially reimburse you for them providing we are notified in advance ( we might already have an abundance of one of the perishable items) Bic lighters solar lamp The best bottle of purifying water is the grail water bottle available in r.e.i. or amazon cheese olive oil coconut oil basilica vinegar toothbrushes can be bought here, but they are expensive and of very poor quality. small sewing kit a sharp little hunting knife is always needed when walking rain gear White mist smokey rose fragrant can be purchased at the body shop. Whatever old clothes you want to get rid of, the locals are happy to get something. In particular rain gear for children. Any tool you don't need. Any instrument that you have and are not particularly using such as chimes, rattles, drums, or self-made. Only bio- degradable soaps / toothpaste. A charging device for your gadgets. We have limited internet: for emergency only. Fitted Sheets and devotes (Bettbezug) used or unused are always appreciated. AND DON'T FORGET TO BRING A SMILE ON YOUR FACE PS Our Puppies love treats


drugs, alcohol, television, tobacco excluding mapacho, non-acoustical music. Enjoy the noise of the jungle. Electronics, phones and books for reading are prohibited for all Retreat Participants, Dieter and Visitors.



M.D., Phd Montessori Ed., Trained Shipibo Ayahuascero Shaman



Dipl.-Pädagoge, Dipl.-Ingenieur

7 Workers, 1 Cook



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