La Purga

Ayahuasca is sometimes called 'the purge' (la purga) and has a reputation for causing vomiting. It is worth saying something about this here. Firstly, it is by no means 'compulsory' that you vomit! Many people do not. In Peru, however, purging is regarded as highly beneficial, so it is no bad thing if you do! When people purge through the effects of ayahuasca, it is because the spirit of the plant is conducting a healing. What emerges from the body is often not physical matter at all, but unhealthy energies that can lead to illness. During an ayahuasca session you may make a connection, for example, between a negative event from the past and a pattern of saladera ('bad luck') you are experiencing in your life, followed by an urge to vomit. What comes up is the negative energy from that event so that new, positive energies can flow. This is regarded as a purification of the soul so your luck can change for the better and old attachments and limitations can be released. Adherence to the diet will also reduce the likelihood of vomiting (as opposed to purging) since you will be working with the ayahuasca by ingesting foods that are compatible with it.