Traditional Plant Medicine - Healing work with plants in the traditional way of the Shipibo

Traditional Plant Medicine works with the plants from the Amazonian region in the traditional way of the Shipibo culture. One of these healing plants is Ayahuasca. That way of healing work is practiced by well educated curanderos (healers).

We offer all those working in this field in a responsible manner to link with us to create a platform for information in particular concerning safe locations to work, study or be healed with plant medicine. Read more

We want to enable people to experience the healing process and to learn the sageness directly from the plants. We want to give people honest and authentic information about that way of healing in a safe environment.

To enable these intentions we organize tours all over the world. These workshops take place with skilled, experienced shamans who encompass a deep knowledge of medicinal plants and a millennium heritage of the Shipibo-Conibo people of the amazonian jungle. Read more

We actively advise against the use of ayahuasca as a recreational drop, strongly advise researching prior to its use and partaking only in ceremonies being lead by a shaman educated through a traditional one year plant diet or profound knowledge in plant medicine.

Our website offers concrete information covering the topic and we are open to mails with questions concerning the topic.